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A downloadable game for Windows

Pinto âœ¿

Hide from the intense sun while balancing the need to eat the very plants that give you shade. Help Pinto as he makes his way to the safety of the clouds. Grow plants to create shade, and eat the plants to restore your energy. The bigger the plant, the more energy and shade it gives.

A game by HalfPastYellow, made for #GMTKJAM


  • WASD - Move
  • SPACE - Plant Seed/Grow Plant
  • E - Eat plant
  • LEFT/RIGHT ARROW - Rotate Camera
  • ESC - Quit

Additional Art:



Freesound contributions:

  • megashroom
  • nathanaelsams
  • DeezSoundzTho
  • sheepfilms
  • rawhiteman7
  • alegemaate



  • Camera improvements


  • GMTKJam Submission

More information

Published 5 days ago
AuthorsHalfPastYellow, wiggs, Remzo
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions


Run Pinto_v1_1.exe


Download (17 MB)
Download - GMTKJam Submission (17 MB)


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this birb might actually be my spirit animal 

Hey, thanks for trying the game and taking the time to make a video.
Glad you liked our little bird friend :D

nice game..its cute :D

Thanks for playing and making the video!
We would also like to make more levels... and fix Pinto's legs after you get to safety, keep a look out

Adorable art and a cute mechanic! I love everything about this, I hope you continue this project or keep Pinto around in more stuff!

Thanks for playing!